Fic: What Will Happen Next? - Star Trek AOS (Bones/Carol)
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Title: What Will Happen Next
Author: ghostbones/littleblackghost
Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)
Pairing: Leonard McCoy/Carol Marcus
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff.
Disclaimer: I'm a liar.
Notes: Part of my Gold AU.
Summary: Carol yawns and rolls onto her side. She’s warm and comfortable, and is really dreading the alarm that’s due to go off in about five minutes time. She keeps her eyes closed, but she can feel the dense warmth of the person next to her, and she smiles to herself, rolling a little tighter in against them.

Fic: Can't Take the Heat - Kirk/Spock (Star Trek AOS)
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Title: Can't Take the Heat
Author: ghostbones/littleblackghost
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Warnings: Spoilers for Star Trek 2009.
Disclaimer: I'm a liar.
Word count: 886
Summary: Some members of the crew stop off on New Vulcan, and they can't handle the heat.

Fic: Let's Waste No Time - Bones/Kirk (Star Trek)
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Title: Let's Waste No Time
Author: sgaile (littlblackghost)
Paring: Bones/Kirk
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I'm a liar.
Summary: Okay, so what if Jim sometimes crashes in Bones’ quarters if he’s too tired to make it to his own? And sure, sometimes they’re share a tray in canteen, but half the time it’s the only way he can get Jim to eat something that isn’t a Snackpack on the run to the bridge. A story in which Bones doesn't know he's in a relationship with the Captain.

Fic: 4 times spock find himself in an illogical, moral predicament & 1 time everything became right
Title: "Four Times Spock Find Himself in an illogical Somewhat Moral Predicament, and One Time Everything Became Just Right".
Author: ariadnechan
Universe/Series: TOS/STR
Characters: Kirk/Spock
Rating: R
Relationship status: First time
Lenght or Word count:  5.236 aprox.
Plot: humor, romance
Warnings: Not really except sleepwalking, and some fantasy about Dub-con...but nothing dub-con happens so only changing beds and cuddles without consent.

Summary: For the prompt of the KSadvent calendar: "Kirk has a reaction to one of Bones remedies to cure his insomnia. He sleep walks, going through the bathroom he shares with Spock and climbing into his bed, waking Spock up each time. Spock doesn't say anything, carrying Kirk each time back to his own cabin without waking him - Kirk has no memory of what's happening. Eventually he gives in. Cue first time smexing on Christmas morning when Kirk wakes up in Spock's arms."

Notes: This is my contribution for the K/S Valentine 2013..
Beta: davidpierreseb9

Link to Fic: First it was a rattle, then a swish and then a silhouette entered Spock's chambers, from his adjoining bathroom. This situation give Spock 90% chance it could be the captain...

Fic: Penumbra (Chapter One)
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Title: Penumbra
Author: hitlikehammers
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Sherlock/John, Kirk/McCoy; Jim Moriarty
Summary: When James Moriarty vows to burn a heart, he doesn’t do it by halves. When John Watson’s life hangs in the balance, Sherlock Holmes would cross timelines, end galaxies—would burn worlds for his family, for the man he loves.

James T. Kirk, on the other hand, ends up caught in the crossfire, facing off against a fierce adversary bent on razing the planet he calls home, which is nothing new, really.

Having the misfortune to carry the name of the man his enemy is seeking to destroy, and thus being mistaken for said asshole? That, well: that is a little new. Sherlock (BBC) Crossover. Minor Trailer Spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness.
Warnings: Violence
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
Author's Notes: So, with Benedict Cumberbatch playing our villain in the new Trek, and then this trailer having the end-bit that it does... how was this not going to happen?

Penumbra: Chapter One

The Solstice of the Young AU Complete
Kirk/Spock love

Title : "The Solstice of the Young."

Author : ariadnechan

Betas : The awesomes mtnhi32 and thyla23 the help and cheer from stella_notecor and thanks to the beta of the Little sequel inu_spockya

Series : TOS AU/crossover with Dune (it can be read as both universes Aos or Tos)

Pairing : K/S from pre-slash to established; Stonn/T’Grell, Stonn/T’Pring both mentioned

Characters : Admiral Archer, T’Pau, Sarek, Stonn, T’Pring, T’Grell (Original character), and several ocs.

Rating : Pg-13 to NC17

Length : 22.550 aprox. plus the K/S Valentine snipet-sequel: 24.000 aprox in total.

Disclaimer: Sadly I don’t own Gene Rodennberry Star Trek(Because Paramount win me over) or the novels of Frank Herbert(because obviously his son came first), from who I only took for play his Bene Gesserit plot.

Warnings: Slavery, Mind washing, Emotional Vulcans, so Spock OOC, Violence, Fight to the death, Pon Farr, if you didn’t read Dune, you only need to know these:

Summary: "In Terra, Archer wants to establish the Federation at any cost, even if it means sending Kirk into an uncertain mission as a slave in the Vulcan Empire, where Surak was banned. In Vulcan, Sarek sends Spock to the Young Tournament with a personal slave, he must start to understand his position in the Empire's most noble house.
What will happens when this two world crash together?"

Master Post of the verse

for chapters individuallyCollapse )

FIC: Don't Go Wasting Your Emotions
Jim with a knowing smile.
Title: Don't Go Wasting Your Emotions (1/?)
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and sexual content
Pairing and Characters: Kirk/McCoy, Chris Pike, Spock, Nyota, Gary Mitchell, and Uncle Frank
Word Count: 1,763
Summary: Jim is in high school - on a different planet. He's a delinquent, inconsiderate of the other's feelings, and breaks the law on a semi- daily basis. The planet he lives on is almost identical to Earth but is not uninhabited. The humanoid aliens that live there are not hostile, at the time the story takes place, but the humans and aliens are segregated because of past confusion and war.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. All the events that occur are purely fictional.

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Happy K/S Day!! fic: Five times Jim life sucks and one time it didn’t
Kirk/Spock love
So i'm a little late but here is my contribution for K/S day number one.

Title: "Five times Jim life sucks and one time it didn’t"

Rating : PG-13

Warnings: First person. For hints of child’s abandon, child abuse, and bulling; some mild swearing, male crush, and some angsty angst?

Author: ariadnechan

Character: James T. Kirk. (Reboot), with hints of Winona, George, Sam Kirk, Frank, Gary Mitchel, Ruth, Spock Prime and Spock.

Pairing: K/S One sided and preslash hinted.

Summary: Life it is difficult, so far more for James T. Kirk, for him life really sucks big time. Character study.

Beta: anon_j_anon thanks to you for all your help I hope you are alright now you really are worrying me now, but I hope you know that I love you.

Word Count: 1250.

Disclaimer: Characters and setting belong to Gene Roddenberry and Paramount. This is sad but truth, but playing with them without profit makes me very cheerful ;D.

here in my journal

Fic: "Jealous Orbits" (Kirk/Spock, NC-17)
TrekNew, TrekNew:  James T. Kirk
Title: Jealous Orbits
Author: dreamlittleyo
Characters/Fandom: Kirk/Spock, ST:XI
Rating/Warnings: NC-17; rough sex, possessive behavior
Wordcount: 5,060 words
Disclaimer: I've no claim to Star Trek or its characters. Just playing in the sandbox for no other reason than love.
Summary: In which Kirk and Spock have had sex half a dozen times, but this is the first time it counts.
(Written for Porn Battle XIII. Prompt words: jealousy, orbit, territorial)

Read the fic on AO3…

…Or read the fic on LJ.


Fic: The Solstice of the Young

Title: "The Solstice of the Young."
Author : ariadnechan
Betas : The awesome mtnhi32 and the help of beautiful thyla23
Series : TOS or Aos (it can be read as both universes)
Pairing : K/S
Characters : Admiral Archer, T’Pau, Sarek, Stonn, T’Pring, T’Grell oc, and several ocs.
Universe:AU/crossover with Dune

Relationship status: from pre-slash to established

Plot: Vulcan without Surak, Vulcan with emotions, Jim very intelligent, Jim is empath, Jim is slave, Pon farr, Stonn is evil.
Additional Pairings: Stonn/T’Grell, Stonn/T’Pring both mentioned
Rating : pg-13 to NC17
Length : Until now is 20.000 words, but I’m not sure after betaing if will be descend or upping the number.
Disclaimer: Sadly I don’t own Gene Rodennberry-Paramount Star Trek or the novels of Frank Herbert(because obviously his son came first), from who I only took for play his Bene Gesserit plot.

Warnings: Slavery, Mind washing, Emotional Vulcans because Surak was banned, so Spock slightly OOC, Violence, Fight to the death, Pon Farr, if you didn’t read Dune, you only need to know these:

Summary: "Archer wants to establish the Federation at any cost, even if it means sending Kirk into an uncertain mission as a Slave in the Vulcan Empire."

Link to the master fic post and to the Art:

Here the new installment
Chapter twelve:


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